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The ProtectYourGlass project emerges after learning that the number of people drugged without their knowledge was high and constantly growing, especially in our surroundings. ProtectYourGlass is a project that is built as a couple. Unfortunately, we did not know of an alternative to reduce these risks. We inquired on the internet and we saw in particular that there were glass covers.

We were inspired by it but to stand out, we decided to combine fashion , style and safety thanks to the anti-drug scrunchies ProtectYourGlass that you will find in four colors in the bag.

These accessories are intended to protect you during your evenings. Of course, it is still essential to always keep an eye on your glass despite the accessories. This project has been evolving for almost a year now. The first prototypes have arrived and there will be many developments to come.

For this project, we decided to opt for an environmental approach . Indeed, you will find different approaches in the description of our products below.

Our products

The design of our darlings has been carefully thought out in order to meet different criteria; Comfort for wearing the scrunchie in the hair or on the wrist; Find a fabric that is as waterproof as possible to avoid spilling the liquid when the protection is put on; Find a favorite pattern allowing you to insert a glass protection inside without being visible but also to add various objects; Cloakroom ticket, lighters, keys, etc…; All this, while maintaining our environmental approach.

Our environmental approach

For the fabrics used, these are oeko-tex certified. That is to say that the manufacture of the fibers has not received any chemical treatment from the beginning to the end of production.

Our mailing bags are fully compostable . Through a process of changing atmosphere in industry; heat, humidity, lights, our bags can deteriorate ecologically without having a considerable impact on the planet.

The straw project is still a question mark for us. Whether they are made of recyclable silicone, bamboo or cardboard, what is certain is that they will respect our commitment to sustainable development.

What to expect

In the near or distant future, we would like to offer disposable glass protectors. However, it is difficult to find products that respect our approach and do not have an impact on the final price for our customers.

One of our main objectives is to work with BDEs, nightclubs, bars, associations organizing festivals so that they can provide their communities, customers and members with our products.